Our photo booths are developed in-house and feature a futuristic, one of a kind experience. With an emphasis on clean design and ease of use, our booths can transform any event or business using an immersive, entertaining and streamlined user experience.

Boothya is the brainchild of Ilya Films; specializing in Videography, Photography, and On-Location Marketing. The founder, Ilya Kushnir, then joined forces with multidisciplinary designer Michael Stone to create the new identity of the company and develop the simplified version of Autonama.

Ilya Kushnir


Ilya is a professional Photographer and Videographer who began developing photo booths in 2011. His interests include DJing, vodka and cursing.


Michael Stone

Co-Founder, Designer

Michael Stone specializes in graphic design and experiments with other mediums such as music production, culinary arts and interactive/experiential installation art.

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